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trading chances Important for aday

( فرص التداول الهامة لهذا اليوم )

أخواننا الاعزاء عملاء وزوار موقعكم المفضل www.forexonline1.com .وأستكمالا منا فى تقديم كل ما هو مميز وحصرى لكم .نطرح بين أيديكم تلك الفقرة بتحديث يومى طوال أيام التداول وفى تلك الفقرة يتم طرح أهم فرص التداول من بيع وشراء لاهم المناطق التى يتم التداول عليها لاهم أزواج العملات .

ونتمنى ان تنال الفقرة أعجابكم ويستفاد منها الجميع

(trading chances Important today)

 Dear customers and visitors to your web site's homepage www.forexonline1.com. And complement us in providing all that is unique and exclusive to you. Ask in your hands that paragraph updated daily throughout the trading day and in that paragraph is thrown the most important trading opportunities from the sale and purchase of the key areas that are traded the most important currency pairs.

We hope to gain paragraph you like it and taken advantage of everyone
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------

The most important trading opportunities for the day Wednesday, 9/5/2012

Bashan concern the euro area and its future is still weighing on the movements of prices is still an ongoing series of the euro was down and the power now to safe-haven currencies the dollar and the yen and Swiss franc until things stabilize and the demise of concern, albeit gradually.

Today's news agenda devoid of any important data may change the results of the movements of prices and the market awaited important data for the next two days, which will shape the features of the market to shut down this week and the impression of trading next week.

The ratio of gold all our expectations of the movements of gold and reached the praise of God Almighty as we predicted yesterday, and breaking the 1600 level, which Toukatah over a month ago and is now the closest to the following levels to break the 1600 as mentioned also by 1580 and then to 1550, respectively. In morning trading arrived in 1587 and as we mentioned before also that any upward correction will not work only with the gold to test the 1700 summit, otherwise outlook will remain bearish as it is now.

It must take into account in the European debt problem had its weight and increase the pressure on market trends and prices, especially for the euro against other major currencies. And that gold is still in an upward direction until the appearance of signs of change direction and break the 1500 and the start of downward trend is expected.

Procurement opportunities:

buy  EUR / JPY from 103.00 level with goals from 50 up to 200 points and stop lose no more than 50 points from the entry level.

buy  EUR / USD from 1.2900 with targets up between 50 to 200 points and stop lose no more than 50 points from the entry level.

buy  GOLD from the level of 1585 with the objectives up between 1620 to 1670 and our stop no later than 1575.

buy EUR / GBP level of 0.8000 with targets up between 50 to 200 points and stop lose no more than 50 points from the entry level.

buy AUD / USD of 1.0000. Up with targets between 50 to 200 points and stop lose no more than 50 points from the entry level.

buy EUR / CHF 1.2000 level of goals up with between 50 to 200 points and stop lose no more than 50 points from the entry level.

Selling opportunities:

Sell USD / CHF 0.9300 level with goals from 50 points to 200 points and stop lose no more than 50 points from the entry level.

Sell GBP / USD level of 1.6230 with targets between 50 points to 200 points and stop lose no more than 50 points from the entry level.

And when any new opportunity will update later ....

Important Note: You may be updated and change access levels and couples throughout the day depending on the variables, which comes on the movement and the performance of the market. What is in that paragraph is not recommendations and we are not responsible for the results and be entered into the responsibility of the reader.

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